Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Prepping For My Next Con

That title makes it sound a lot more grandiose than it really is. My preparation is mostly taking a long hard look at my finances and arranging everything in advance so my normal monthly bills are taken care of before MCM London Comic Con gets underway.

I have been approved as press for the event so that is one thing I don't have to worry about other than making sure I don't misplace my credentials. I am still deciding on how many days I'll be attending though I would like it to be all three. It comes down to cost/content really will going on Friday and/or Sunday produce enough content either for HNS or me personally to justify the costs involved.

Through a different approach to the event I think I can justify going on all three days but we'll see, real life expenses come first Comic Con is fun but it is not worth getting in more debt or upsetting my finances for months to come.

Hopefully I'm going to be doing a lot more walking around the event talking to actual people and taking pictures, lots of fun social anxiety wise but definitely worth the effort if it gives us something over other sites covering the event.

Still no idea of who will be attending from the major US shows but they like to build things up to that in the last few weeks which to me seems a bad idea but their numbers prove me wrong.

Will any of my readers be heading over to London for MCM Comic Con next month?

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