Monday, August 21, 2017

Am I Employable?

It is a question I find I am asking more and more these days after a string of recent and unfortunately unsuccessful interviews. Interviews are a tricky thing especially it seems when it comes to feedback, it is very difficult to get feedback in general and lately it seems that it is near impossible to get written feedback. Call me cynical but sometimes I feel the answers given over the phone or so generic that they remind me of politicians on talk shows, they could be read a dozen different ways. Certainly not every time but let’s say more than once.

Enough of that though the current state of employment etiquette is secondary to the problem of me not having a job. So what can be done to resolve that, there are a few go to things:

·         Unpaid work
·         New skills to improve your CV
·         Preparation for job interviews
·         Evening classes or classes
·         Pick up a temporary job

These are the suggestions and I have followed most of them the only I haven’t are the evening classes because they don’t offer anything I don’t have qualifications for in my area of work. Unfortunately you can’t make a huge change profession wise just using free evening classes and at my age and resources I don’t think that would have been possible.

Temporary jobs are a problem when talking about roles that are less than say 3 months, those if taken would mean I would be taking on even more debt thanks to the interesting way that unemployment benefits work in this country. It also makes part time work (of less than 30 hours) an impossibility which in this market really reduces the amount of available roles to apply for.


Checked through the local listings for Adult Learning stuff and the pickings are slim to say the least so it looks like I’ll just have to double down on interview prep.

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