Sunday, July 27, 2014

Comic Con Time Again!!!

It is that time of year again when we mere mortals look on with envy at all the shiny hijinks happening in a little place called San Diego. This is a little post when I sum up some of the things I like the sound of so far.

The Originals

The thing that set The Originals apart from a lot shows with supernatural elements is the tight plotting of an almost Shakespearean ongoing tragedy with envy, jealousy and betrayal all playing major roles. The second season trailer dropped at Comic Con and things look to be going on in a very similar vein. Some of the commenters have raised concerned about the sheer amount going on. I agree that it might be a problem but I’m going to give the writers credit that they have things planned out and that the different antagonists seem to form into two or three factions dedicated to challenging Klaus and Elijah.

Here's the Trailer:


I love the world that Arrow built last season though I was getting a little tired of all that Olicity baiting that was going on it was like they wanted to go toe to toe with Supernatural in the ship baiting stakes which is a tall order. Last season ended with us finally getting off the island and though as a rule I hate flashbacks I understand and accept them as a device on Arrow. An issue I had with the trailer is it seems like we are going to have to wait to the back end for Thea to come back after her training. The only other thing is the business side of things which was a little boring for me last time.

Check out the Arrow Trailer:

Anyway those are the things that I really enjoyed from the coverage TV wise. I know there is Game Of Thrones stuff but I’m not a rabid frothing at the mouth fan of the TV show I just sit quietly waiting for the next book mostly. The movie stuff doesn’t really matter to me as much as TV shows. However you can’t really talk seriously about Comic Con without featuring some pictures of the action.

Thanks to @reinascully @magdaeh @thatgrltrish and others for the pictures found mostly through searching Twitter.

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