Saturday, January 18, 2014


2nd January                         

After exhausting the internal complaints procedure ending with a written complaint that the Seetec manager refused to respond to in writing instead making veiled threats and intimidation at a meeting. [Written acknowledgement of your complaint should be sent 3 days after they receive it]

10th January                       

Failed to receive acknowledgement of my complaint called Seetec head office, no record of receiving my letter so told to email the complaint through to the contact email.

17th January                       

Still failed to receive acknowledgement of my complaint so called Seetec again, this time informed that the person who deals with complaints (amazingly there is only one in a business with more than a dozen offices around the UK) was away from the office. So I left my number and was told the staff member would be back in on Monday.

So there you have it after 2 weeks of submitting a formal complaint to Seetec, they have managed an amazing dance where they have yet to admit to actually receiving it in any form despite it being mailed and then emailed to them.


So this doesn’t happen to you Recorded Delivery is an option but like me you may well be counting the pennies. You should also do what I did and keep chasing up regularly if you submit a written complaint to head office you should receive acknowledgement after 3 working days.

I should probably also mention that this is not my first trip to the rodeo as I put in a complaint a year ago or so and amazingly that one ended up being lost the first time around too but that is of course coincidence.

Back then I didn’t know about the acknowledgement step so wasted a month before chasing them up. So this post is there so hopefully you won’t suffer the same fate.

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