Friday, January 10, 2014

My Meeting With Jobcentre Re: Seetec Tactics

So on I went to see the CSOM at my local Jobcentre. That is the Customer Services Operations Manager for those who don’t know, I know I certainly didn’t until a friend who worked in DWP explained things to me. The reason for setting up the meeting was because CSOMs meet up weekly with the Work Programme Providers in the area for whatever reason. I thought that CSOM should know what Seetec is up to.

He listened to my issues though the pad on which he could make notes remained clean. He advised me to follow through with the complaints procedure at Seetec and I explained to him how the manager there tried to circumvent their own complaint procedures by refusing to respond to a written complaint.

One thing that did seem to get a slight reaction out of him was when I mentioned Seetec using a mysterious Jobcentre employee to agree with their decision to refuse to help with the costs of attending interviews. That got an eye twitch but not much more than that.

That is all that is happening on the soap opera that is my ongoing Seetec struggles the next update will happen sometime after Monday but it might take some time as I am preparing for interviews on Tuesday and Friday.

Keep warm people and stay strong.

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