Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TV with Shaft

In which surprisingly there is talk of TV based shenanigans. 

It has come to an end. Such a great show, I can just about remember way back to when it started, this new show announced to a fair bit of hype. Back then it was “A Town Called Eureka” and it was notable because it got a start on Sky here in the UK either at the same time or very close to it premiering in the US. A big step up from having to wait a year or more to get a show to cross the atlantic.

The show itself was something new obviously comedy but with a lot more science fiction than was popular at the time. The show took awhile to find its legs but all good shows do especially those with the often expanding ensemble tasks.

The only issues I had was the huge shifts that used to happen at the end of seasons. Like Jack being a Jack from the future and going back to save time. There was A LOT of time travelling in Eureka which made a complex and sometimes confusing plot even more so.

So if you were a fan like me be thankful for a well written show and hope against hope that networks won’t give up on creative shows and leave us swimming in a sea of scripted reality shows.

Well I’m still watching and it is still the weirdest, funniest supernatural show out there. All the crazy dreams and the personal drama that manages to take place even with all the fur, claws and scales. The thing that works so well about this show is that it is really about a couple of losers who somehow get way above their High School social caste. One guy gets his dream girl while the other pines for hers, the werewolf stuff is just great extra flavour.

The only issue I really have is how ridiculously bland they are making Derek’s pack I can’t even remember their names and furthermore I’m too lazy to IMDB it, other than the fact that I can’t take my eyes of Gage’s character they are not memorable in the least and lack depth. Look at the depth of Stiles for instance that dude is DEEP, we need to see a little more about those three hopefully with the show returning there will be a chance for that although I kind of think one or two of them might be dead before next season.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to know that next time Teen Wolf is going full length season. I don’t know how things will change but I am fairly happy with how the writers are doing things so with more time I am fairly sure they won’t mess things up.

Have you started watching Teen Wolf yet? Definitely consider this a time to get caught up.

So those are two shows that I thought were worth mentioning, if you guys and girls out there in blog land have some shows you think I should check out or talk about then leave it in the comments.

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