Sunday, July 29, 2012


I can only hope that True Blood can arrest the fall from grace that took place in the complete clusterfuck  that was the last episode entitled "In The Beginning". There were so many things wrong I don't even know where to start, this whole Authority thing had some promise when it was announced but the execution was all wrong, anyone who didn't smell something fishy with Salome within 5 minutes of her appearance was either not paying attention or not breathing.

Somehow perhaps through a rare alignment of the stars Tara's storyline is one of the least sucky of the bunch, unfortunately the same can't be said of Lafayette - possibly the most dynamic characters in Bon Temps always saddled with the most horrendous of nonsensical storylines.

I have to say the karaoke did make me chuckle up until the born from blood nonsense, so maybe that is some sort of brief highlight. Yes I know I haven't talked about Sookie, Alcide or Sam, that is because they are not worth mentioning and god knows what is going on with Jason, I thought they were making him into a real character.

The start of True Blood this season was so promising but I have begun to notice that this tends to happen almost every season, two episodes or so of EPIC then everything slowly falls apart. COME ON TRUE BLOOD DON'T LET ME DOWN AGAIN.

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