Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well watched a few episodes now and I must say much better than the truncated Season 2. It seems Tim Kring took our observations and criticisms to heart and has made a stuinning start to this season.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT HEROES SEASON 3. Not a lot just references to actors who are still about for instance.

Anyway my only worry about Heroes at the moment is Ali Larter's character. Whats going on there exactly? Hmm I feel a headache coming on. I mean they have literally by seemingly saying goodbye to Micha gotten rid of the only thing that made Nikki bearable in the first place. Now there were three? Though we were always told they were twins because that... makes... sense...
Damn headaches!

Computer problems means I don't know when I will put up my episode reviews but they have been written in pencil in my little notebook so they will be around in due course. Anyway let us hope that things keep on going this swimmingly all season I can't look away :)

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