Friday, October 3, 2008


Yes it is back and finally. Indeed friends the wait has been too long but now it is back and here in the UK we the chance to see the first two episodes of the series in one night, unlike the Americans though we had to wait 15 minutes and switch channels. Though you could choose to watch the Heroes Unmasked show but in the past at least that show is horrible for explaining away all the fun of watching Heroes so personally I tend to give it a miss.

The episodes were incredible what a way to premiere I just could not look away even for a seond. Add to that all those easter eggs that they dropped in for us fans and the revelations about things that gave me worse headaches then Parkman dealing with the Hatian Sensation. I won't talk about them now as at the moment at least in an effort to keep the blog and the dream alive I'm rewatching the first episode and taking notes where anything particularly memorable takes place.

The return of Heroes also means the return of 10th Wonder. HANDS DOWN (wonder where I picked that up from) my favourite Heroes podcast apparently they are also the guys behind a Smallville one which I have not listened to. I like their insights and how incredibly positive they are about the series which helps a lot if you were like me during the 2nd season. So I encourage you to go there and check them out and their forums too which are pretty cool and are episode specific which goes some way to preventing spoilers in the case of different dates for shows going out.

Anyway thats enough for now I need to go find some cash to buy some popcorn of minstrels for the 2nd viewing. I hope you guys are as excited as I am. Also I am on here so you can check that out for sporadic reviews of episodes if you are so inclined though I cannot think why.

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