Monday, June 20, 2016

I Wanted To Write About My Job Interview

I had a job interview on the 8th of this month and I wanted to write last week to talk to you about how it went but it made more sense to wait until I had heard the result I just either way it seemed sensible. But you know the nature of job searches never make things simple. Anyway let's talk in general terms about the interview itself.

The role was a customer facing one dealing with lots of calls along with more administration based roles all the while dealing with the duty of care stuff so like safeguarding and the like. The interview was about 2:30pm on the day and by the Monday I could see it was a hot one. The interview venue was a serious walk away but awkward enough that it didn't make much sense to try and look to see if a bus route would make things easier. It would be about a 30-35 minute walk for most people but a little longer for me thanks to the heat.

On the day the heat was ridiculous made more so with wearing appropriate interview attire but having expected that I made sure to leave an hour and a half before the interview time and make my way there at my own speed, although I took breaks from time to time the most time I lost was when a shortcut across a bridge was closed off for a month that definitely added an extra ten minutes for a very long detour.

The place wasn't hard to find but it was hard to get into especially with no warning about the whole dial a department thing. Eventually I just tried all the groups located in the building until a nice person walked across from his office to the one that was doing the interview and they eventually let me in.

I had 30 minutes I thought to stop sweating and try to look halfway presentable but they decided to move the interview forward I suppose as I had got there early. The interview went pretty well I felt closer to being in the zone than that nasty place where you second guess every answer you give. Though I wish they had thought to offer me a little water.

I was told to expect a response "next week" which was last week in the here and now on Wednesday I e-mailed the HR department to chase things up and they gave no response, then on Friday I called the HR department up and spoke to someone who informed that the paperwork was still with the interview panel 9 working days after the interview with no idea on when that might change.

The only bright spark I have is that today I got an invite for another interview in a couple weeks time thankfully not at that organisation so we will see how that goes. I am at least happy that interviews are starting to come around now it is up to me to my best to secure that job.

Got another thing to write up in another post so check back tomorrow probably, have a good weekend people.

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