Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Month Is A Long Time

I have not posted in a whole month which is pretty bad. Things have been moving forward sort of. Shall we summarise:
  • Job hunting, cranking out maybe 15 a week as a minimum
  • No interviews this week
  • Booked my place for a really cool Star Wars: The Force Awakens Party
  • Trying my best to put in some work for Nanowrimo
I am trying to remain positive but it is not easy. Thankfully I am stubborn and I am just not willing to give up yet. I've been getting through a lot of books and a number of my favourite series came to end this year or will next year.

I've been doing a bit more with my volunteer role hopefully that means that we will get our accreditation back so I can go cover events. It is something that is fun and also means that I am gaining new skills as well as working on improving existing ones, communication skills can always be better right?

So a short update for sure but hopefully I will be back soon with more.

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