Sunday, October 4, 2015

3 New US Shows To Try


Strong Female Lead And A Puzzle To Solve

Jaime Alexander stars as Jane Doe in this new NBC thriller. A lot of people have been drawing comparisons with The Blacklist and I can see that strangely enough people seem not to be comparing it with Prison Break you know that show about a guy covered in tattoos that form part of an extensive plan.

The show has gotten some stick from certain reviewers for treatment of Jane Doe as an object, the first episode does have her emerging naked from a bag in Times Square then being poked, prodded and scanned by the FBI. Is it uncomfortable watching, yes is it there to titillate? I very much doubt it. The showrunners are undoubtedly portraying Jane as a strong woman who undertook this bizarre mission for whatever reason.

Now strong woman can be thought of as a negative term which is not what I intend when I describe Jane as that I think in a time where we have lots of action shows we have a majority of men doing the physicality in the lead roles the only current show I can think of that does that is Castle. They bring back memories of Alias and Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Everything I have seen tells me that this has what it takes to keep the audience interested but trying to judge audiences is a difficult thing but this is a show I’d recommend.

Chances of Season 2: 85%


I really wondered about this when I started writing about this adaption of the film but seeing it in action may have made me a believer. I like the way that they strictly define the ups and downs of NCT so while Brian is on a whole other level he does have limits.

It is interesting to see Eddie Morran in this role as both a potential ally or an enemy and I want to see what happens next and if there are any more Big Bads to appear and what is the story with Rebecca's dad. This show lives or dies on the back of the line walked by Jake McDorman between loveable slacker and jumped up asshole. From time to time he goes over that line but got to be patient as it is only up to the second episode.

If you watched the film I think you'll be pre-disposed to liking this and if you haven't seen the film the pilot makes sure that you are pretty well filled in about stuff.

Chances of Season 2: 75%

Minority Report

Another film to TV series Minority Report continues the story five years the Pre-Crime Division was shut down after the events of the film starring Tom Cruise. I'm not sure which way this will go we've had a future procedural with Almost Human which should never been cancelled or had its running order changed so the character development made no sense.

Hopefully Minority Report won't make those same mistakes but it is too early to say. There are some fun things to see in this show

Chance of Season 2: 45% (That's been optimistic for a Fox show)

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