Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feelings Of Limbo

An unsuccessful job interview has left me a bit dazed and confused. Maybe I should be used to unsuccessful interviews but that is a scary thing to get used to it feels a lot like giving up. I have been looking to more local roles as scarce as those are but those are the types of applications that you just fire and forget you don't get any acknowledgement of your application past the automatic ones made by the job site.

I've been blogging, keeping up my volunteer work it is good to keep some skills sharp. I have been working on my own project too which you can have a look at right here. I would like to widen the scope of the blog a bit but not sure how.

I feel like I can get back into the endless jobsearch grind but I will need a little break to gather myself. Things need to change as I can't keep doing this. There are some other things in the horizon some bigger projects than my volunteer work that I hope to update you on as soon as possible.

Sorry to have such a downer of a post on here I will try to make the next one be more positive.

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