Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sentenced To Six Months - For Being Unemployed

So it happened for the terrible crime of not being able to find a job in one of the most deprived areas in the UK I have been sentenced to 6 months of unpaid labour which is longer than you can be sentenced for committing an actual crime. It came out of the blue in my second meeting and hit me for a loop.

Apparently three years admin experience
is not good enough

Now I’m stressing out wondering how I am going to find time for actually looking for work and also how I am going to avoid getting more spurious sanctions from Seetec who manage the CWP programme. They have already put me up for 3 or 4 sanctions that I managed to get overturned in the end. My relationship with them can be best described as poor as I am currently waiting for the result of a complaint I escalated up to OIA.

So now I spend yet another series of nights writing letters to complain about my treatment by the DWP instead of researching new places to look for work or finishing off an online application. This is a short post because honestly I am too mad to trust myself to write more. Time after time I have to overcome the obstacles put in place by the DWP and the WPP and CWP organisations trying to profit from my misfortune.

I have read that in a lot of cases people get referred to Community Work Placement after challenging their advisors which it could be argued I did when I refused to sign the Claimant Commitment without having the chance to look at it in detail or maybe when I didn’t hand over my CV. That is where things have got to people who exercise their rights or simply the rules and guidelines of being a Job Seeker are punished and transferred away to be someone else’s problem. So if you’re reading this don’t believe the government and media hype about the unemployed being lazy you wouldn’t believe how much strength it truly takes to be treated like this and not snap.


Paul Ward said...

The grim silver lining is that, should you decide to commit a crime rather than just do the punishment, SEETEC may well manage your probation - so you won't have to fill in another set of forms.

Darryl Ley said...

Well that was dark.

Brian the Electrician said...

To Shaft, I'm very sorry to read the calamitous position you are in now.
I feel privileged to have found your blog and considered your comments fair and truthful and am disgusted as to the murky abyss, the sink hole where this once great country is collapsing into.
Reading your story I question how demeaning it must be to be a worker for HM Government in ATOS hurting, lying to fellow workers as I keep reading
The way I see it you are representing an underclass and all you have left is your dignity and confidence if you keep fighting, but fighting at what personal cost, I cannot guess and won’t assume anything.
If there ever was a system in the DWP n Warrington I doubt it having seen C4 Despatches this week, Monday 27th October where Universal Credits are being tested.
I have no idea of what I can say to you that will help in an immediate way as while I have the luxury of replying to you, you will be making job applications or fire fighting/appealing the dreadful DWP poor systems set up to hurt you and many more run by bigoted politicians on a collective ego trip. Run by the rich and unfeeling IDS and his cohorts, he must be an evil person, motivated by ego and greed, so misguided. Imagine how it must be to charge the Country £39.00 for his breakfast, all on his ministerial expenses, dreadful human being,but there are so many of them unfortunately, in and out of Parliament and the Lord’s
My best years are now gone forever and retirement has taken over and I will protest to a collection of MPs who will not necessarily listen to me but they will get the information and complaint you have delivered to me.
I won’t name you, it will be in my name only with you facts unless you instruct me differently.

It's a weak statement from me but I hope you stay a strong individual, as you write in the style you do, and I hope you get every bit of justice, you deserve it.
It's apparent you are being shafted by the stupid unfeeling agencies that the governments have sold Britain out to, the shareholders and not the for the National Good as the status quo should be.

I’m not asking for you to read the rest as it’s at best no more than a history lesson from a teenager who lived through the swinging sixties and still wants a better Britain but I am despairing unless the country wakes up and the majority fights back.
I do hope enough of the country will fight back but unless it’s a major protest the inority will be screwed but not forever.
My reading of where we have reached if you want it. I haven’t detailed it but I was a trade union shop steward as a draughtsman in the late 1960’s and it was power to the people. If the UK want an existing method to make a collective protest the organisation does still exist. Forever as long as enough people want to join in.
My story;
I started work at 16, 1963, as an industrial electrician and was taught, actually given a great trade that was going to give me a wage forever until the final day when I retired in 2013.
The 1960’s was a golden age because there was so much manufacturing and so many industries to give a wide choice of employment for everyone all levels of education and distributed throughout the country.
It wasn’t a perfect time and some trade unions were grasping and greedy but that wasn’t the majority of the UK by any means. However, as with UKIP now, they attracted a; the bad publicity as a minority.
1977, I could see where Britain was sadly heading and from that time there was going to be future generations set up to fail the moment Margaret Thatcher became PM in 1979.
In view of the bad publicity about feminism today with PM Cameron today, I was a supporter of equal pay, equal opportunities form my first time at work, woman were badly treated in favour of men.

Brian the Electrician said...

Part 2 From Brian the Electrician
My explanation about the Conservatives, I was immediately in despair that a strong woman with some bully boys forming the UK government were immediately intent on destroying everything that was good about Britain. Thatcher, with Keith Joseph her mentor, was intent on breaking down UK society for those who would need the "Welfare State" already 32 years old and proved by 1979.
The system, Government support for health, unemployment benefits as required and employment exchanges to match people to vacancies, THE BRITISH WAY, no Workmasters.
We, the country would look after our young with education and very old with state accommodation forever if required, as with the mentally ill, all embracing support.

Sadly our Government and the richest classes don't care any more, they all think, "I'm All Right Jack!" and hope and pray they don’t ever lose their wealth. Sorry is my message to them, today, tomorrow, anything can now fail, financial security can fail at any time.
As a Brit who had a structured start, I'm ashamed of where both political parties have allowed the UK to collapse to and will get worse if my firm belief unless there is a miracle C Change.

I am regularly protesting about much that is bad with 38 Degrees, Amnesty, Greenpeace, anything I can sign, I sign, presuming eventually with the Net we will collectively become a .force for free speech, a row back to some better times sadly there are no guarantee’s.

Adam Lotun WDA said...

You are not obliged to sign the Client Agreement as per statement from Chris Grayling MP when he was Employment Minister and also your signature is not required by Law. Signing such an agreement allows the JCP & DWP to pass you to any contractor they see fit for purpose, but if you do not sign, you are not giving them this permission. I remember that there was something on a site called Also ask for time off for good behavior as all sentenced criminals have their sentences cut in half, so why not yours???!!!...