Monday, June 10, 2013

Ugh I Feel Sick

So lately I have been feeling a little sick. Not so sick as to take to my bed or something like that but that level of tiredness and just slowness that can’t be identified as say a cold or an infection, anyway just thought I would mention it in case I keeled over.

So I have been trying and trying to grab myself a bargain PS3 over the past month or so unfortunately for me it has only served to open up a darker side of Ebay with two successful winning bids ending in my bid being refunded because obviously it was less than they were expecting to get. Totally kills my belief in the Ebay system with all of its talk on bidding being a contract and such.

I am still trying here and there to grab some bargains thinking about grabbing a new radio, we will have to see how things go with the PS3 for now it is an elusive dream though not as elusive as the next gen of gaming consoles which as of now start at $499.

So this week totally out of the blue when starting up WoW I saw on their little self ad thing that there was ½ off on all character services. If you’re not familiar with the game these character services are things like renaming your character, transferring to another realm or switching factions. For my purposes changing realms is the important thing as the size of your faction on your realm really impacts on the aspects of the game that you can participate in.

I took the time to move a level 90 Paladin to Ragnaros after talking to a friend of mine and checking out WowProgress and RealmPop and it seems pretty good so far.


So I have been reading a lot recently last month was especially busy, most of them have been pretty good, the only one I wasn’t that overly keen on was World War Z but that was just me and indeed each to their own. I finally got my hands of Fall of Night the penultimate Morganville Vampires novel. If you’re like me and love those books you can check out my Goodreads list by clicking on the Widget on the right of the blog.


As I write this I just finished the paperwork on my job searching for the job, things are not looking great on that front the jobs are starting to dry up they always do nearer the middle of the year. Still managing to find enough jobs but it is getting tougher and unfortunately after getting the interviews and not getting the jobs most of the prospective employers don’t give feedback.  

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