Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Update Time

So I have some strangely positive news, you know that whole ongoing back and forth with my Work Programme Provider which you can get an idea of here and here. Well the upshot of all this is that last week they finally caved and gave me back the travel expenses which was lucky because I just had an interview this week which I certainly would not have been able to attend without that money, and if you were wondering the company did not offer any form of reimbursement to interviewees.

It only took the best part of three months, two formal complaints to their head office and a letter and response from my MP to sort this out.

Moving on though as they have taken up enough of my time I had one interview this week and have another one set up for next week. The interview just past went well and I think I answered the questions fully and didn't feel that they showed up any aspects of the job that I wasn't capable of doing but we will have to wait and see.

In somewhat related news I have been getting through a few books recently and I am continuing to keep up with 2013 reading challenge. I recently finished the Mistborn Trilogy which I can highly recommend and as action packed and intricate fantasy story more than worth reading. I also read the second Deadly Cool novel which is great fun and reminded me of a female version of The Hardy Boys (teenage detectives not the wrestling tag team) so I can recommend both of those. You can check out my goodreads list on the right there it has its own widget.

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