Friday, February 8, 2013

TV NEWS: More Cancellations

So I have a soft spot for cancelled gems and I like to mention them when I found out about their fates so I wrote this little post about a couple of shows one that is going to go out after two seasons and one that never got a chance.

Young Justice

So Young Justice is getting the push after this seasons episodes finish up which going by the schedules could take another year. Young Justice is an animated show loosely based on the DC Comic of the same name. The line-ups are quite different but the important points of the premise are still there young heroes who feel like they are ready to rise above the shadow of their partner heroes.

I liked the animated Justice League show (later Justice League Unlimited) but the storytelling you see in Young Justice is just far and away some of the best on television, period. The storylines are overarching and speak of political intrigue and the early lack of team dynamic I can’t draw a comparison with another show currently on TV but I can just tell you that it works.

The show can barely be described as a children’s show it can be violent, gritty and shocking in parts especially when you start in on some of the back stories of the team. These young heroes are not all Superman, invulnerable and noble, they have their own personal problems that they deal with while trying to be heroes.

The first season was amazing but when the show came back they did this time jump thing which I think threw off even the most ardent of fans. The show suddenly left us feeling a bit lost with all this character development and a very different team line-up.  If you haven’t checked out this show and you are a fan of Legend of Korra or other grown up animated shows then I recommend you give this a spin.


Borealis is a pilot sci-fi opera that was not optioned by Space (Canadian TV show). It's the near-future tale of a tiny town at the center of an international struggle for Arctic resources in an age of peak oil. Vic (the awesome Ty Olsson) is a former MMA fighter turned Canadian government agent, who runs a bar in the tiny town of Borealis — where Russians, Norwegians, Canadians, and the League of Nations are all trying to claim sovereignty over an area that could yield the world's last fossil fuel resources. 

I was really blown away by this show as it is pretty much along the lines of shows like Caprica and Battlestar Galactica, a genre show that has been badly missed by hardcore fans of sci-fi. A really good write-up can be found here much better than I could manage.

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