Friday, December 28, 2012


How was your Christmas? The most exciting aspect of mine was having to bundle up to post a response to the Doubt raised by SEETEC over non attendance to a mandated interview. To explain I am on the Work Programme for the unemployed run by a government and they in theory help me to find work. I missed an interview because I had got myself a job interview, I had informed them beforehand but apparently that makes no difference. That fact as well as a few others to me shows clearly that all these changes to the rules around benefits for low paid and unemployed people is just an exercise in screwing people out of money in order to appeal to the public at large they are dealing with those evil benefit scroungers (while ignoring all the rich tax dodgers and evaders) and to reduce the welfare bill (though the majority of it is pensions just so you know). Anyway the letter has been sent so now I have to wait for the response.

I haven’t really picked anything up for Christmas mainly as a result of some unexpected expenses that came up just before it. I had three interviews in rapid succession and SEETEC in a move that proved their ‘worth’ refused to pay for travel for the 2 outside of the local area, in this case it was to cover the cost of travel to London for the interviews. That really made things difficult and I nearly couldn’t come up with the funds to make it happen needless to say food was a little light on the ground following those interviews but I’m still here so we move on. I am in the process of writing up a complaint about the whole thing after talking to the Job Centre who think that SEETEC are in the wrong for refusing to help with the costs of travel but we will see how long the complaint procedure will take.

Still I did fun things at Christmas too I did a little levelling on World of Warcraft even managing to pop 86 on my Horde Hunter and see some of the Horde storyline play out in Pandaria which I haven’t seen really up until this point. It is interesting so far and it is good to be home I have always identified more with the Horde than the Alliance the communities in my experience feel quite different and I just got used to the Horde side stuff after levelling through 4 max level characters.

So now I am going to do my best to do some smart shopping to stretch my limited pounds for all they are worth. My shortlist includes some new smart shoes for interviews, a new cap and some books.
Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? I’m still waiting for that most precious of gifts – a job.

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