Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekly Roundup?


I have a level 90 Death Knight and have been running around like a headless chicken ever since. The ‘WTF’ moment had to be when I got an achievement ding for doing 25 DAILIES in one day, ugh. I have decided to work on Golden Lotus, Order of the Serpent with a little Tillers rep thrown in. Slowly starting to level my 2nd character to 90 also gold making has been going surprisingly well even sold my first mount.


So I was just walking around doing some light shoppery when I noticed that Lucozade have added yet another new flavour replacing the most beloved of all flavours Lucozade Lemon. I find this interesting not least because I know of a certain low cost supermarket branch that had a suspiciously similarly flavoured drink which one day just disappeared only to replaced by a pathetic sugar free version. If you ask me there was just more sugar than someone somewhere high up wants in drinks. I however will very much miss it and the new replacement is pretty meh.

It is not just me the Internet is in an uproar

Undoubtedly by the time you read this there will be more uproar in fact things shall be quite loud all around.


So I thought I would just put in here that I have been doing my best to line up some interviews for my other blogs. You would not know it from look at the analytical on this my personal blog space but on the other blogs I run do have regular decent numbers for me with posts generating at least a couple hundred hits each and the site hits being well into the hundreds of thousands. So of course I want to take that success and go somewhere with it improve things for those people who come to my blog so hopefully they will tell others and so on. I have one interview sorted but the big name stars are far harder to get hold of which makes sense as I am just a guy and not someone writing for a popular celeb blog or a newspaper but we will keep on trying.

So that is all from me, questions? Hit the comment button and try to remember this isn't YouTube. Thank you kindly.

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