Thursday, June 14, 2012

MUSIC - Yes I Do Listen To It

So I don’t often talk about music on here probably because my taste is so weird my preoccupation with J-POP and K-POP for instance but I like to change things up so this will be a quick music post. Let’s start with a young YouTuber who is a pal of mine, my say so may not have the clout of say Simon Cowell but hey you’re reading this so punch the play button and see what shakes loose, this is her doing a Katy Perry Cover.

 Now we’ve all been there haven’t we were some piece of music just seems to appear as if by magic in our heads. I find this most often happens with Anime shows. The last time it took place though was a Korean action show by the name of IRIS which by the way is DEFINITELY worth watching. This song is from that show and used as a type of theme during it. One of the actors from the show is part of the band that released this.

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