Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TV SHOWS - Shows we'll be seeing next season

It is that time of year again as the major network shows in America that started way back in the Fall (Autumn if you prefer) come to an end. Some shows like Smallville will be gone for good while others will be back in a matter of a few months when September rolls around again. So as you know if you read this blog regularly I take my TV entertainment seriously probably as a result of being starved of engaging television here in the UK.

So let us discuss the shows that will be returning.

The Vampire Diaries

This is the top CW show apparently and I can see why it is compelling and I think a significant part of that is due to the book source material but the writers have clearly built on that and made it into something that is quite gripping to watch. I remember the first episode I watched and after that I think I gave it a miss for the next like 6 or so and forgot about it but then somehow I got sucked in watching the show. 

Apparently the show is considered a major draw for young women more so than for men. Looking at the source material that makes sense vampire books about a girl caught between two hot young twenty something looking vampires? The show though takes itself down a more energetic route though there are no end of longing looks and jaw clenches supplied by Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our favourite supernatural ensemble especially if certain dead ex girlfriends hang around for more than a few episodes in the new season.

The Big Bang Theory

Hilarious geek fun with lots and lots of superhero t-shirts. This show shouldn’t work but somehow it does Kaley Cuoco may not be my cup of tea but she is very funny in this harking back to her time on 8 Simple Rules I guess.


Well this was always going to get renewed we can’t get enough of Gregory House and his strange almost psychotic ways. The thing that keeps people coming back to House other than the crazy writing like that whole zombie attack day dream.


I love this show it is a guilty pleasure, I almost entirely missed the sensation of Firefly and Nathan Fillion but I must say he is so very charismatic and engaging in this role. The chemistry between him and Stana Katic is awesome and totally believable plus when you see how Castle is with his daughter you know that even network shows can feature solid acting.


Why oh why. They need to cancel this stuff it has gone on far too long. At first it was a fairly interesting show but by the second season it had already run out of gas but somehow it keeps coming back from the dead even if they have nothing better to talk about. 

Well apparently the show will only be back for 10 episodes or so then that will be the end of that.


Glee was out of this world in the first season going from the ridiculous to the sublime. The second season has been a hell of a lot more hit and miss the celebrity appearances have hurt more than they have helped in my view but that was to be expected with everyone wanting to be a part of an excellent show looking to establish itself. I remember how long it took me to get on board with Glee just thinking that a show about a school filled with a load of 20 somethings was bound to be a little lame.


The only spy-fi show worth watching if you ask me. At first I was thoroughly unconvinced that the little weird foreign made show La Femme Nikita should have a reboot I really liked it. Peta Wilson was the Nikita for me and MAggie Q has some big boots to fill. This show feels entirely different from the former the American-ness of it stamped on it thoroughly but still even with that the kind of plot twists and engaging writing that kept me watching the first series shows through occasionally here too.

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